Stephen Green / John Cliff - Imperial Pottery

Variants of Stephen Green's Imperial Pottery mark appears on many porter bottles, jars, flagons, spirit flasks and moulded jugs (see later for examples) but until recently, no marked sprigged jugs had been recorded from either Stephen Green or his successor John Cliff. The above listing from an 1850s advertisement confirmed that they offered both jugs and mugs in a wide variety of sizes, and the Imperial Pottery paid London's third highest stoneware tax in the 1830s (after Vauxhall and Fulham), so their jugs and mugs must have been hiding in plain sight. The situation has changed now that one marked example of each owner's jugs has been recorded.

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The only Stephen Green marked jug so far recorded.

The only Cliff marked jug so far recorded.

Other pieces from Green/Cliff based on links to marked example. Any linked pieces dated before 1858 would presumably have been made by Stephen Green