Sundry Items

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Heights (▲▼) and Widths (◄►) are given in millimeters.
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Card Case or Notebook Holder Cigar Case Cigar Case
▲120▼each cover◄70► each cover ▲155▼◄70►closed ▲155▼◄70►closed
Stamp Holder Stamp Holder Match Holder
▲115▼◄165► ▲86▼◄152► ▲130▼◄114►
Calendar Pen Holder Pen Holder
▲280▼◄195► ▲125▼◄175► ▲87▼◄153►
Clock Clock (Dial and Dish) Clock (Corner Pieces)
▲290▼◄213► ▲310▼◄220► ▲260▼◄245►
Pen Dryer Letter Rack Letter Rack
▲85▼◄60► ▲167▼◄255► ▲200▼◄352►
Frame for Ceramic Sculpture Vide Poche Frame for Plaque
▲155▼◄122► ▲120▼◄177► ▲200▼◄315►
Sponge and Stamp Holder ? Seal Handle Owl to hold Inkwell or Matches
▲180▼◄120► ▲90▼handle only◄25►handle only ▲110▼◄65►
Notebook Holder Seal or Paper Knife Handle Tray
▲185▼▲145▼peg ▲100▼▲30▼ ▲250▼◄195►
Tobacco Jar   Graphoscope
▲190▼◄130►   ▲175▼◄80►