Calling all Coin Collectors!

The objects of our club are to: encourage good fellowship among numismatists and to propagate knowledge of numismatics by arranging a common meeting place, lectures, visits of interest, and displays.

We meet every month of the year except January and August in the Lecture Room of the Warburg Institute, Woburn Square, London WC1 0AB. (The British Numismatic Society also holds its meetings in the same room.) Our meetings start at 6:00 pm and end by 7:30 pm.

We have a very varied programme, with a meeting on the first (occasionally the second) Tuesday. We hear informal lectures or talks, generally using PowerPoint, from our own members or visiting experts. All coinage series, including Greek, Roman, Oriental, English hammered and milled, Foreign, tokens, and paper money are covered. Once a year, we have Members' Own Evening, at which we hear a number of talks from members who, while having something interesting to say, may not feel it warrants a full evenings talk.

Every year there is a Club Auction. Although only members may bid at auctions, any visitor present may of course ask a member to make bids on their behalf.

The Annual General Meeting is held in March but in the the basement Common Room at the Warburg, not the Lecture Room.  Officers for the coming year are elected, and the President gives his address. This is followed by a party with: wine, fruit juices and an extensive selection of snacks, to which we cordially invite distinguished numismatists.

Every year members also receive the free Newsletter, with reports of talks given to the Club, contributions by members, &c.

New Members and Visitors are always welcome, particularly those under 18 who enjoy cheaper (junior) membership rates.

Please click the 'Contact Information' button above for a Membership Application Form, or further information, .


Annually £15 Ordinary, £20 Family, £5 Junior

Webmaster: Harry Mernick

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