Fulham - Handles

Handle 1: early terminals found on jugs 1820s/30s? before adoption of standard terminal (3) - White. Handle 2: found on early mustards and half pint jugs 1820s/30s? - White. Handle 3 is the standard for Fulham and was presumably used until Cheavin ownership. Handle 4 (copying Doulton) is found in conjunction with the oval mark reading “The Pottery, Fulham” and presumably is Cheavin. Unsigned versions of this handle could be Port Dundas. Handle 5 is an uncommon terminal only seen three times, once a jug marked Fulham Stone Pottery and once a jug with 1866 hall marked top. Handle 6 has only been seen on one poor quality small jug and one well made mustard pot. The latter features a shield (City of London?) with lion & unicorn supporters. Clement period?.