School Board for London - Paintings by Turner

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Hastings HASTINGS.JPG (46494 bytes) Newcastle-on-Tyne NEWCASTL.JPG (50983 bytes)
Norham Castle, Tweed NORHAM.JPG (41845 bytes) Royal Yacht Squadron, Cowes ROYAL.JPG (41542 bytes)
Scarborough SCARBORO.JPG (45739 bytes) St. Michael's Mount, Cornwall STMIKESM.JPG (46264 bytes)
Stangate Creek, Medway STANGATE.JPG (41247 bytes) Venice VENICE.JPG (48380 bytes)
Venice, The Guidecca GUIDECCA.JPG (51793 bytes) Venice, the Grand Canal GRANDCAN.JPG (47209 bytes)
Venice, The Bridge of Sighs SIGHS.JPG (45880 bytes) Whitby WHITBY.JPG (49903 bytes)