School Board for London - Paintings

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A Gale AGALE.JPG (28016 bytes) Charles I CHARLES.JPG (39640 bytes)
Girl with an apple GIRL.JPG (42422 bytes) Madame Le Brun and her daughter LEBRUN.JPG (45021 bytes)
Mrs Siddons SIDDONS.JPG (52603 bytes) Ploughing in the Nivernais PLOUGH.JPG (34723 bytes)
Portrait of a Tailor TAILOR.JPG (45058 bytes) The Battle of Trafalgar TRAFALGR.JPG (31647 bytes)
The Gleaners GLEANERS.JPG (46093 bytes) The Lake LAKE.JPG (51827 bytes)
The Spanish Admiral ADMIRAL.JPG (38118 bytes) The White Cow COW.JPG (56948 bytes)