London County Council - Colonial Series 2

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An open-air school for Mohammedan boys An open cut in the Mount Lyall Mine, Otago, New Zealand D1.JPG (50849 bytes)
British Somaliland (A view in), East Africa D2.JPG (62266 bytes) Casa Leone, An Ancient Palace in Malta
Garden (The) of the British Consulate, Canton D4.JPG (66177 bytes) Grain Elevators at Rosthorne in the Province of Saskatchewan D5.JPG (71550 bytes)
Humbert River (A scene on the), Newfoundland D6.JPG (65770 bytes) Hunter (The) Mountains and the Monument, Lake Manipori, South Is D7.JPG (47853 bytes)
Joss-House (A) or Temple at Bhamo, Upper Burma D8.JPG (72295 bytes) Kakebaka Falls on the Kaministiquia River, Pr. of Ontario E1.JPG (78973 bytes)
Kinchinjunga (The) Mountains, from Darjeeling E3.JPG (49862 bytes) Kinchinjunga Mountains (The), from Tiger Hill, India E2.JPG (48138 bytes)
King Soloman's Tanks, Aden, 'For the storage of water'   Mount Cook and Lake Pukakki, New Zealand
Panch Ghat (The), Benares India E4.JPG (74459 bytes) Pottinger St. Hong Kong E5.JPG (51414 bytes)
Rock of Gibraltar (The), from Europa Point E6.JPG (72840 bytes) Scene (A) in Afghanistan F1.JPG (43437 bytes)
Scene (A) in British Somaliland, East Africa E7.JPG (78920 bytes) Scene from the Empire Hotel, Queenstown, Victoria, Australia. E8.JPG (71077 bytes)
Stanley Park (A scene in the), Vancouver, British Columbia F2.JPG (86571 bytes)   Udaipur, Rajputana, India
View of Pagan Burma, from the Chat Gunga Pagoda