Unidentified Maker 3 - Kishere, Mortlake ?

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Variant sprigs that appear on a series of small jugs, mustards and tankards - examples shown below.
Variant A – short legs, variant B - long legs, variant C - bar between feet. All three are found on mustard pots that share so many sprigs as to make a common manufacturer almost certain.

Variant A

Variant B

Variant C

Variant C is so similar to a sprig found on at least three Kishere marked items as to suggest Kishere for the maker of Unidentified 3

No Kishere marked mustards have been recorded and the not uncommon Unidentified 3 nicely fills that gap. However the addition of such a large number of unidentified pieces to the Kishere oeuvre does raise doubts in my mind. is the Kishere attribution just wishful thinking!